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Revealed: How I got Premium Theme-Junkie Themes for Free

You came here to download premium themes from Theme-Junkie for free, haven’t you? Let me guess, the title was too tempting for you to resist. Aha, I can visualize you wickedly smiling after reading that! This post won’t disappoint you. It’ll show you how to get Theme Junkie themes for free. Man oh man, these […]

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3 Horrible Ways Host Providers Can Ruin Your Blog’s SEO

When it comes to SEO, there are two main aspects- On Page and Off Page SEO. We all know that optimization is an integral part of blogging. We also know a great WordPress theme like Avada coupled with great content and a fast server are the foundations to organic traffic. Organic traffic is the source […]

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Best Minimal WordPress Themes For 2019

Are you running your blog on WordPress and do you need some elegant and professional look for it. Here’s few of the best minimal WordPress themes to help you focus more on your readers. Today’s complex and graphics loaded website designs are not everyone’s choice. There are still hundred and thousands of people who love to have a clean […]

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Eco Web Hosting – Reviews for 2019!

How to Find Green Web Hosting? Using a green web hosting provider is a great way for webmasters to help the planet. Wind and solar web hosts offer affordable hosting with green benefits and competitive prices. Read below to learn more about eco-friendly hosting. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Who’s the Greenest Web Host of […]

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Chrome Vs. Firefox – Best Web Browser

The battle between Chrome and Firefox To the question, which is the better browser, Chrome or FireFox, many aspects such as design, browser speed, performance, interface, and several other factors have to be looked into. Whereas Chrome is a closed-source browser built on the base of Chromium, Firefox is open-source browser software built by the […]

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How To Make Money Directly From Your Blog

Whereas blogging is just a hobby for most of the people, there is every reason to argue that it is the most lifestyle-friendly business model that ever is. You can work from home, be creative, be your own boss, and make tons of money. With regards to making money through blogging, the answers to these […]

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Hosting Your Own Domain and Content – Why?

Why You Should Host Your Own Website There are two options you can choose to give yourself an identity over the web . You can have a free domain name that usually comes with free hosting, or your own domain name hosted in your own hosting account which will cost you domain registration and hosting […]

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A2 Hosting Review

A2 Hosting – Great for WordPress Blogs Bryan Muthig founded the web hosting service, a startup business, Iniquinet in 2001. As the business grew, he renamed it as A2 Hosting (in respect of his hometown Ann Arbor, Michigan) in 2003. The full service web hosting service provider that hosts nearly 58,000 websites worldwide high power […]

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SiteGround Hosting Review

Is SiteGround the hosting company for you? SiteGround, a web hosting company, was founded by some university friends in 2004. Currently run by SiteGround’s mastermind Tenko Nikolov, it offers shared and cloud services, reseller hosting program and dedicated servers. The web hosting services provider with data centers in Europe, Singapore and the US currently employs […]

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10 Ways To Make Your Blog More Successful

How to make your blog more successful Starting a blog and running a successful blog are two different things altogether. The mechanics for starting a blog are simple: the first step is to choose a suitable platform, domain and hosting option. Assigning a simple design for your blog and tweaking it so as to get […]

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